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Mail In Payment

If you wish to sell at, but don't want to use a Credit Card, you can prepay your account by requesting an invoice. When you request an invoice, we email it to you, and you then mail it back to us with your payment. Because you are being invoiced instead of listing a credit card with us, at the end of every billing period we'll email you a bill containing your total charges for that billing period. You'll have two weeks to get your payment back to us. If we don't receive your payment within the two weeks, your account will be suspended until such time as you bring it up to date.

When we receive your payment to start your seller account, you'll be notified by email after which you'll be able to list as many auctions as your existing credit balance will permit. If your account runs out of money, you won't be able to list more items until send us more money, or you have a credit placed on your account. The more money you send us, the more auctions you'll be able to list. We only accept a minimum of $25 - but we have no problem with you sending more.

If this is your first time registering, $5 will be subtracted from your first payment as an application processing fee. If you already owe us money, your existing charges will be subtracted from your mailed in payment, and the remaining amount will be credited to your account. If you haven't registered as a user, visit our User Registration Page. You must be a registered user before we can send you an invoice.

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