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Excellent31$1325.002d 5h 8m
Excellent19$245.062d 5h 8m
Excellent29$179.692d 6h 1m
69$178.004d 5h 8m
Fine26$253.087d 6h 8m
Good55$335.777d 6h 8m
Good9$126.029d 6h 8m
Fair241$410.009d 6h 8m
31$181.0611d 5h 8m
Very Good$479.00
11d 19h 28m
Fine7$70.0112d 4h 21m
Fine11$102.7712d 4h 21m
Good5$10.0112d 4h 21m
Very Good15$130.0112d 4h 21m
Good47$176.0112d 6h 8m
Very Good$0.0113d 6h 8m
Factory New$475.00
1h 22m
Good$750.00 6h 32m
6h 32m
Excellent$539.00 17h 19m
$245.00 17h 58m
Fine$795.002d 16m
Factory New$599.00
2d 9h 36m
Excellent$849.002d 16h 22m
Factory New$599.00
2d 17h 7m
Factory New$520.002d 21h 55m
Very Good1$425.003d 1h 4m
4d 4h 19m
4d 4h 27m
Factory New$455.95
4d 4h 49m