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Marlin is one of America's longest standing and favorite riflemakers. John M. Marlin was born in Connecticut in 1836. During the Civil War, he worked at the Colt plant in Hartford, and in 1870 hung out his sign on State Street, New Haven, manufacturing his own line of revolvers and derringers. Used by the likes of Annie Oakley, Tom Mix, and other famous Westerners, Marlin remains an American classic in use today.

Very Good$175.004d 2h 3m
Factory New$249.994d 2h 5m
Good5$216.004d 2h 18m
Factory New$249.994d 2h 42m
Factory New$319.994d 2h 46m
Good11$212.004d 2h 52m
Fine13$255.004d 3h 6m
Good11$206.004d 3h 23m
Fine$699.994d 3h 46m
Good13$206.004d 5h 1m
Good11$188.364d 5h 34m
Good9$206.004d 6h 16m
Good35$331.004d 6h 28m
Very Good$125.004d 7h 14m
Factory New$233.95
4d 7h 25m
Excellent$499.994d 7h 37m
Factory New$321.00
4d 9h 23m
Factory New$314.95
4d 9h 25m
4d 9h 57m
Factory New$280.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$248.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$256.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$312.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$256.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$317.95
4d 13h 56m
Factory New$304.95
4d 14h 58m
Factory New$182.95
4d 14h 58m
Factory New$241.95
4d 14h 58m
Factory New$188.95
4d 14h 58m
Factory New$199.95
4d 14h 58m