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Finds thousands of rifles for sale at, including all the most popular brands like Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Savage, Browning, Henry, Weatherby, Tikka, Kimber, Marlin, Thompson, Sako, DPMS, and Bushmaster - to name a few. A rifle is a shoulder fired firearm that has spiral grooves cut into the interior of the barrel which stabilize the flight of the bullets. Rifles are the most powerful and accurate type of firearms that can be carried by an individual.

Very Good$125.00Closed
Fine33$353.00 1h 12m
Factory New$850.00 2h 16m
Excellent1$485.00 3h 20m
Very Good3$206.00
3h 26m
Excellent29$390.86 4h 33m
Factory New$675.00 6h 48m
Very Good51$467.00 6h 55m
Excellent$299.99 6h 56m
Good29$355.00 6h 58m
Factory New41$476.00 8h 7m
Excellent$1995.00 8h 9m
Factory New$830.00
8h 11m
Factory New$1695.00 8h 17m
Excellent2$156.00 8h 38m
8h 41m
Good25$647.07 9h 33m
Good19$174.00 9h 33m
9h 33m
Excellent59$206.00 9h 33m
$5000.00 9h 33m
Fair45$251.00 9h 33m
10h 33m
Fine35$206.00 10h 33m
Fair67$166.00 10h 33m
Fair147$234.00 10h 33m
Good73$737.00 10h 33m
Good9$107.01 10h 33m
Very Good85$211.00 10h 33m
11h 8m