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Fine55$476.00 2h 25m
Factory New7$31.00 4h 45m
Factory New15$180.00 6h 9m
Good19$260.69 6h 9m
Good17$183.00 6h 9m
Factory New21$41.00 6h 36m
6h 43m
Very Good135$317.00 7h 9m
Factory New9$25.01 17h 35m
Factory New63$513.00 17h 49m
Factory New35$190.55 17h 59m
Factory New25$190.00 18h 7m
Factory New11$238.00 18h 8m
Factory New13$267.08 19h 8m
Factory New27$275.00 19h 39m
Factory New51$310.00 19h 39m
Factory New23$152.001d 3h 9m
Very Good13$210.001d 6h 9m
Fine23$286.551d 6h 9m
Excellent71$441.001d 7h 23m
Factory New29$244.101d 19h 8m
Factory New17$21.001d 22h 1m
Factory New21$190.001d 22h 42m
Excellent35$165.012d 41m
17$40.052d 4h 25m
13$36.002d 4h 36m
Excellent33$356.002d 5h 10m
Excellent25$85.002d 5h 10m
Excellent27$125.772d 5h 10m
Excellent31$2015.002d 5h 10m