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11$31.01 17h 27m
17$45.011d 17h 27m
33$366.991d 17h 27m
51$360.001d 17h 27m
45$329.991d 17h 27m
9$38.892d 17h 27m
5$8.692d 18h 53m
11$29.014d 17h 27m
9$24.014d 17h 27m
9$37.335d 18h 53m
7$30.016d 17h 27m
9$44.007d 17h 27m
31$350.008d 10h 41m
Fine23$306.008d 16h 33m
19$380.998d 16h 33m
11$40.558d 17h 27m
5$16.2810d 17h 27m
7$21.2810d 17h 27m
3$11.6912d 17h 27m
1$0.0113d 17h 27m
11$7.691d 18h 27m
Excellent5$350.002d 10h 1m
Excellent15$300.002d 11h 14m
Excellent9$272.222d 11h 26m
Excellent13$300.002d 11h 55m
Excellent23$307.272d 12h 9m
$0.013d 13h 43m
Very Good25$306.005d 9h 47m
Very Good9$222.215d 10h
Very Good17$221.225d 10h 9m