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Henry Repeating Arms is an American manufacturer of repeating rifles. Benjamin Tyler Henry made history in 1860 when he patented the first practical lever-action repeating rifle. The guns were produced right before the American Civil War and were purchased heavily during the conflict--even President Lincoln had a Henry repeating rifle. Henry is proud of its American heritage and vows that it's products will be "Made in America or not at all." Henry Repeating Arms has continued a tradition of innovation and now offers variations for target shooters, outdoorsmen, young shooters, and others.

Fine113$658.004d 3h 28m
Factory New$269.95
1d 7h 1m
Factory New$329.95
2d 5h 48m
Factory New$860.00
3d 15h 37m
Factory New$710.00
6d 19h 22m