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Fine$3825.006d 21h 34m
$100.001d 4h 22m
Excellent$1395.005d 4h 19m
$18.955d 4h 27m
$60.005d 4h 35m
Factory New$1085.005d 4h 38m
Excellent$850.005d 4h 39m
Excellent$875.005d 4h 43m
$80.005d 4h 44m
$75.005d 4h 52m
$7.255d 22h 5m
$19.506d 1h 24m
$475.006d 1h 28m
$41.506d 1h 48m
$1.006d 21h 33m
$27.956d 21h 36m
$165.006d 21h 59m
$90.006d 22h 4m
Excellent$1125.006d 22h 34m
$8.506d 22h 38m
Fine$180.006d 22h 56m