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Fine$3750.003d 4h 20m
7$7.75 13h 59m
1$3.75 14h 1m
3$22.14 14h 7m
Fair$295.00 14h 32m
Excellent$395.00 14h 35m
7$9.501d 2h 8m
1$8.251d 2h 10m
$23.501d 2h 12m
$17.951d 2h 21m
1$31.501d 2h 37m
$50.001d 2h 41m
$3.251d 14h 17m
$1.251d 14h 35m
$3.951d 21h 38m
$10.951d 21h 42m
$165.001d 22h 2m
1$10.951d 22h 12m
1$16.951d 22h 15m
Excellent$1385.002d 29m
$23.953d 4h 23m
Fine$3295.003d 4h 25m
1$19.953d 4h 33m
1$12.503d 4h 35m
$6.503d 4h 46m
$27.953d 13h 22m
$38.953d 13h 30m
$38.503d 13h 33m
$13.953d 13h 35m
$175.003d 13h 37m