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$34.951d 14h 43m
$84.501d 15h 10m
$1.953d 1h 30m
$3.503d 1h 44m
$3.003d 5h 4m
$15.003d 9h 26m
$69.503d 13h 6m
3d 13h 37m
3d 15h 16m
3d 15h 19m
$1.954d 6h 39m
4d 6h 45m
$3.954d 6h 51m
$1.954d 6h 57m
$1.954d 7h 2m
4d 12h 45m
$22.505d 5h 33m
$1.956d 11h 55m
$1.956d 12h 5m
$1.956d 12h 15m
$10.006d 12h 17m
$1.756d 12h 24m
$1.256d 12h 28m
$1.206d 12h 48m
$1.256d 12h 56m
$1.256d 13h 3m
$1.756d 14h 10m
$1.956d 14h 26m
$1.006d 14h 41m
$2.006d 14h 53m