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Factory New31$2650.004d 8h 49m
3$2.514d 8h 50m
Fine115$467.504d 8h 51m
Fine35$92.504d 8h 52m
Fair13$135.004d 8h 52m
Good23$96.004d 8h 52m
Fair23$356.004d 8h 52m
Good49$710.014d 8h 53m
Very Good17$120.004d 8h 53m
Fair15$61.004d 8h 53m
Poor11$25.014d 8h 53m
Fine21$105.004d 8h 53m
Excellent19$170.004d 8h 53m
Excellent25$125.004d 8h 53m
Fine91$1681.874d 8h 53m
Poor45$255.134d 8h 53m
Good49$300.004d 8h 53m
Good25$105.014d 8h 53m
Fair33$565.004d 8h 53m
Fine19$150.004d 8h 54m
Fine13$189.894d 8h 54m
Very Good31$155.004d 8h 54m
Fine47$423.004d 8h 54m
Fine39$332.504d 8h 54m
Good29$205.004d 8h 54m
Fine61$435.004d 8h 54m
Fine43$355.004d 8h 54m
Fine43$361.004d 8h 54m
Fine29$365.994d 8h 54m
Fair17$103.884d 8h 55m