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Fine27$706.9910d 8h 56m
Very Good19$85.0010d 8h 57m
Fine27$243.0010d 8h 57m
Poor15$105.0010d 8h 57m
Fine25$1005.0010d 8h 57m
Good13$26.0110d 8h 57m
Poor5$8.5010d 8h 57m
Fine39$305.1110d 8h 57m
Fair7$45.0010d 8h 57m
Very Good35$185.0010d 8h 57m
Very Good27$606.0010d 8h 57m
Poor1$0.0110d 8h 58m
Fine13$115.0010d 8h 58m
Poor7$15.0110d 8h 58m
Poor1$0.0110d 8h 58m
Poor1$0.0110d 8h 58m
Very Good25$669.6910d 8h 58m
Poor13$616.0010d 8h 59m
Fine29$171.0010d 8h 59m
Fine27$251.0010d 8h 59m
Very Good29$182.9510d 8h 59m
Excellent23$391.8810d 9h
Very Good31$404.0010d 9h
Fine21$351.9910d 9h
Excellent29$605.0010d 9h
Fine51$1505.0010d 9h
Fine53$330.0010d 9h
Fine19$110.0110d 9h
Very Good29$116.0110d 9h
Fine27$337.0010d 9h