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Factory New15$1301.009d 4h 2m
3$2.519d 4h 3m
Fine97$252.509d 4h 4m
Fine21$57.509d 4h 5m
Fair13$135.009d 4h 5m
Good23$96.009d 4h 5m
Fair15$231.999d 4h 5m
Very Good17$120.009d 4h 6m
Fair11$45.019d 4h 6m
Poor1$0.019d 4h 6m
Good47$705.009d 4h 6m
Fine15$85.009d 4h 6m
Excellent13$155.009d 4h 6m
Excellent17$95.009d 4h 6m
Fine77$1482.079d 4h 6m
Poor11$110.139d 4h 6m
Good27$125.009d 4h 6m
Good19$80.019d 4h 6m
Fair23$505.009d 4h 6m
Fine15$140.009d 4h 7m
Fine13$189.899d 4h 7m
Very Good29$141.009d 4h 7m
Fine43$387.009d 4h 7m
Fine29$200.019d 4h 7m
Good15$130.009d 4h 7m
Fine51$390.009d 4h 7m
Fine39$340.009d 4h 7m
Fine41$356.009d 4h 7m
Fine25$331.699d 4h 7m
Fine15$555.009d 4h 8m