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Very Good69$20099.993d 17h 53m
5$13.563d 17h 54m
21$65.003d 17h 54m
Fine93$1001.003d 17h 54m
Good27$78.003d 17h 55m
Excellent61$103.993d 17h 55m
Fair13$45.993d 17h 55m
Very Good29$400.003d 17h 55m
Very Good29$117.733d 17h 55m
Fine15$300.003d 17h 56m
Fair29$80.003d 17h 56m
Very Good65$312.503d 17h 56m
Very Good25$102.653d 17h 56m
Good63$217.513d 17h 56m
Excellent47$300.003d 17h 56m
Fine25$286.003d 17h 56m
Very Good41$392.773d 17h 56m
41$392.773d 17h 56m
Poor31$38.003d 17h 56m
Fine21$280.003d 17h 56m
Very Good15$117.503d 17h 56m
Good57$107.513d 17h 56m
Fine43$690.003d 17h 56m
Poor15$23.003d 17h 56m
Very Good41$501.003d 17h 56m
Very Good35$202.503d 17h 56m
Excellent43$305.003d 17h 57m
Fine49$477.503d 17h 57m
Very Good23$279.093d 17h 57m
Excellent33$365.543d 17h 57m