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Very Good43$10100.0011d 1h 40m
1$0.0111d 1h 41m
15$61.0011d 1h 41m
Fine77$594.0011d 1h 41m
Good15$24.5011d 1h 42m
Excellent29$61.0011d 1h 42m
Fair5$10.9911d 1h 42m
Very Good11$125.0111d 1h 42m
Very Good21$97.7311d 1h 42m
Fine11$291.3811d 1h 43m
Fair15$52.5011d 1h 43m
Very Good55$232.5011d 1h 43m
Very Good13$52.5011d 1h 43m
Good19$37.5111d 1h 43m
Excellent41$255.0011d 1h 43m
Fine21$266.0011d 1h 43m
Very Good21$215.5111d 1h 43m
27$271.0011d 1h 43m
Poor15$14.0011d 1h 43m
Fine19$275.0011d 1h 43m
Very Good11$101.5011d 1h 43m
Good3$2.5111d 1h 43m
Fine27$460.0011d 1h 43m
Poor9$16.0011d 1h 43m
Very Good31$404.3311d 1h 43m
Very Good25$162.5011d 1h 43m
Excellent23$207.7511d 1h 44m
Fine25$312.5011d 1h 44m
Very Good21$257.7511d 1h 44m
Excellent15$255.2511d 1h 44m