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Good23$170.00 9h 2m
Good19$170.01 9h 38m
Fine15$205.00 9h 58m
Good27$173.46 9h 59m
Fine21$221.00 10h 4m
Fine27$201.00 10h 14m
Very Good19$190.00 10h 25m
Good35$156.50 10h 31m
Fine19$216.55 10h 33m
Very Good31$153.50 10h 45m
Very Good15$185.00 10h 47m
Good33$173.49 11h 7m
Very Good15$190.00 11h 10m
Fine15$200.00 11h 19m
Good27$215.00 11h 34m
Fine17$225.00 11h 37m
Good15$153.50 12h 50m
Good21$173.19 13h 9m
Very Good29$157.50 13h 22m
Good25$173.00 13h 41m
Very Good9$190.00 13h 56m
Very Good27$191.00 14h 17m
Fair15$150.00 14h 21m
Very Good19$180.00 14h 33m
Very Good11$177.00 14h 41m
Good41$265.00 14h 47m
Fine15$205.00 14h 54m
Fair37$203.50 15h 9m
Fine23$195.00 15h 20m
Very Good43$304.00 15h 27m