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Very Good35$396.56 7h 32m
Good35$429.11 7h 51m
Fair23$104.00 7h 54m
Good9$72.54 7h 58m
Good7$75.00 8h 14m
Good13$105.00 8h 30m
Good37$496.00 8h 43m
Good5$60.00 8h 47m
Fair15$55.00 8h 49m
Fair15$50.50 9h 11m
Very Good11$403.00 9h 17m
Good5$55.00 9h 22m
Fine25$248.50 9h 29m
Very Good5$135.00 9h 47m
Good31$375.00 9h 52m
Good9$180.00 10h 6m
Poor27$155.63 10h 22m
Excellent17$195.42 10h 30m
Very Good53$665.00 10h 31m
Good77$855.00 10h 33m
Good11$140.00 10h 42m
Very Good19$211.69 10h 48m
Very Good39$376.99 10h 48m
Fine17$205.00 10h 49m
Good5$85.00 10h 53m
Fine27$240.33 10h 56m
Very Good13$222.69 11h 3m
Very Good29$345.00 11h 8m
Very Good11$74.14 11h 10m
Fair5$45.00 11h 33m