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Very Good21$285.00 7h 4m
Very Good25$124.22 7h 18m
Good17$401.00 7h 23m
Fair43$600.00 7h 25m
Good21$140.00 7h 34m
Very Good17$230.00 7h 58m
Fair21$102.00 7h 59m
Good17$170.00 8h 3m
Fine41$345.00 8h 11m
Very Good11$203.00 8h 12m
Fine25$139.99 8h 16m
Good13$72.00 8h 49m
Very Good31$141.95 9h
Very Good21$210.00 9h 32m
Good47$233.98 9h 42m
Fair15$146.00 9h 45m
Very Good15$200.00 9h 58m
Good13$165.00 10h 3m
Very Good31$386.03 10h 15m
Good27$324.95 10h 32m
Fine23$191.99 11h 13m
Good19$133.99 12h 39m
Good45$805.00 13h 20m
Very Good13$107.95 13h 34m
Good11$100.00 13h 53m
Very Good47$450.00 13h 59m
Very Good21$185.35 14h 7m
Good35$181.50 14h 8m
Good15$110.25 14h 9m
Fine27$237.00 14h 35m