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Good29$327.88 11h 18m
Very Good31$200.50 12h 5m
Fair3$35.00 12h 39m
Fair7$69.16 12h 46m
Good39$161.68 13h 5m
Very Good7$80.00 13h 14m
Very Good25$381.00 13h 37m
Very Good29$255.00 13h 47m
Good37$198.88 13h 55m
Fair19$91.26 14h 9m
Fair25$178.50 14h 26m
Very Good53$314.00 14h 46m
Good25$170.00 14h 50m
Very Good67$452.00 15h 7m
Good47$655.00 15h 10m
Poor21$103.50 15h 11m
Fair17$150.00 16h 59m
Fair7$54.50 17h 2m
Very Good37$260.00 17h 15m
Very Good29$180.00 17h 24m
Very Good27$533.00 17h 26m
Fair$100.00 17h 30m
Very Good27$135.00 17h 37m
Very Good47$410.00 17h 39m
Good21$631.00 17h 42m
Good21$141.69 17h 47m
Good43$405.00 17h 58m
Good31$176.66 18h 1m
Fair9$180.00 18h 6m
Very Good21$360.00 18h 9m