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Very Good29$386.99 10h 13m
Fine31$273.00 10h 15m
Fine59$610.00 10h 21m
Very Good31$235.66 10h 35m
Very Good27$208.70 10h 46m
Very Good29$595.99 10h 53m
Very Good65$355.00 11h 42m
Fair13$105.00 11h 44m
Very Good47$280.09 11h 47m
Fine41$301.00 11h 53m
Very Good27$275.50 12h 2m
Very Good39$315.00 12h 7m
Fair17$90.78 12h 15m
Very Good27$155.69 12h 16m
Very Good13$287.00 12h 17m
Good29$500.00 12h 24m
Very Good17$280.00 12h 36m
Good17$146.69 12h 52m
Good25$253.69 12h 53m
Very Good9$246.69 13h 7m
Very Good17$236.00 13h 10m
Fine3$165.00 13h 11m
Very Good11$246.69 13h 22m
Excellent17$270.00 13h 34m
Very Good27$336.42 14h 25m
Good19$201.42 14h 43m
Good17$148.00 14h 46m
Good25$230.95 15h 2m
Fine37$335.00 15h 8m
Fine15$245.00 15h 11m