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Good11$115.00 9h 41m
Very Good35$444.00 9h 46m
Very Good25$211.50 9h 48m
Fine9$155.00 9h 50m
Good47$350.00 9h 51m
Good31$482.00 9h 53m
Very Good11$185.00 11h 14m
Fair11$60.99 11h 18m
Good23$260.00 11h 29m
Fine65$751.00 11h 32m
Very Good31$226.69 11h 44m
Good11$79.00 11h 53m
Good61$365.50 11h 58m
Good33$345.00 12h 4m
Very Good41$370.00 12h 7m
Very Good13$165.00 12h 11m
Fine35$322.00 12h 19m
Good27$281.00 12h 28m
Fine19$172.99 12h 34m
Fair11$65.99 12h 41m
Very Good23$206.99 12h 52m
Good15$269.00 12h 58m
Very Good17$227.22 12h 58m
Fair9$60.00 13h 9m
Good15$204.00 13h 12m
Good21$255.05 13h 20m
Good27$230.66 13h 23m
Fine23$204.99 14h 40m
Good7$65.00 14h 43m
Good39$307.00 14h 46m