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Very Good19$255.012d 13h 41m
5$65.002d 14h 17m
Fine27$419.952d 14h 51m
19$256.512d 15h 14m
15$165.552d 16h 29m
Fine45$633.002d 16h 36m
Fine29$660.002d 16h 42m
Very Good37$325.002d 17h 8m
Very Good29$320.552d 17h 20m
Very Good17$110.002d 18h 13m
Good15$115.002d 18h 33m
Very Good43$291.002d 18h 41m
Very Good43$437.102d 18h 53m
Very Good11$123.882d 19h 31m
Fine13$326.002d 19h 35m
Very Good23$235.002d 19h 47m
Good11$85.002d 19h 50m
Good13$85.002d 20h 5m
Good9$75.252d 20h 27m
Good7$66.992d 20h 37m
Very Good19$160.002d 20h 41m
Very Good17$111.003d 13h 42m
Very Good11$145.503d 14h 11m
Fine17$180.003d 14h 20m
Very Good17$176.003d 14h 25m
Good15$145.253d 14h 42m
Fine13$175.003d 14h 57m
Good15$145.253d 15h 5m
Very Good3$65.003d 15h 16m
Very Good53$645.003d 15h 18m