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Excellent$199.002d 18h
Very Good$1200.002d 18h 8m
Fair41$545.002d 18h 16m
Good$275.002d 20h 17m
Good$275.002d 20h 24m
Excellent$550.002d 20h 30m
Good$225.002d 20h 34m
Good$175.002d 20h 39m
Excellent$150.002d 20h 44m
Good$80.002d 20h 48m
Fine$175.002d 20h 54m
$175.002d 20h 58m
$49.952d 21h 4m
$30.002d 21h 6m
$100.002d 21h 9m
$50.002d 21h 14m
$1200.004d 16h 2m
$1550.004d 16h 29m
1$60.005d 15h 24m
$40.005d 15h 27m
Good1$450.0010d 14h 20m
$599.0013d 13h 21m
Excellent$699.0013d 13h 27m
$40.0013d 16h 59m
Excellent$299.0013d 17h 13m
$150.0013d 19h
$50.0013d 19h 4m