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Good31$310.75 1h 58m
Very Good33$309.09 2h 4m
Good19$190.00 2h 7m
Very Good37$195.00 2h 12m
Good33$195.00 4h 46m
Good21$185.00 5h 1m
Very Good41$280.001d 1h 4m
Fair19$227.321d 1h 18m
Good31$235.691d 1h 31m
Good25$126.001d 1h 48m
Very Good27$190.001d 1h 59m
Good21$111.551d 2h 5m
Good19$149.001d 2h 9m
Very Good51$341.991d 2h 23m
Very Good51$415.002d 19m
Poor11$35.012d 24m
Fair27$140.002d 1h 19m
2d 1h 21m
Excellent35$226.002d 8h 31m
Very Good21$105.002d 8h 52m
Factory New$1199.00
3d 4h 50m
Excellent$675.003d 7h 42m
Factory New4$100.003d 8h 15m
$465.003d 12h 16m
Factory New$465.003d 12h 29m
Factory New$1199.003d 13h 21m
Excellent$495.003d 13h 41m
4d 22h 33m
Good21$152.555d 41m
Very Good23$165.005d 45m