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Fine43$690.003d 17h 51m
Poor15$23.003d 17h 51m
Very Good41$501.003d 17h 51m
Very Good35$202.503d 17h 51m
Fine15$300.003d 17h 51m
Fair29$80.003d 17h 51m
Very Good65$312.503d 17h 51m
Very Good25$102.653d 17h 51m
Good63$217.513d 17h 51m
Excellent43$305.003d 17h 52m
Fine49$477.503d 17h 52m
Very Good23$279.093d 17h 52m
Excellent33$365.543d 17h 52m
Very Good63$350.013d 17h 52m
Excellent89$1355.003d 17h 52m
Very Good27$240.003d 17h 53m
Excellent37$737.003d 17h 53m
Excellent47$915.003d 17h 53m
Excellent39$1227.003d 17h 53m
Good35$295.003d 17h 53m
Fine37$815.003d 17h 53m
Excellent79$665.003d 17h 53m
Very Good47$460.003d 17h 53m
Excellent37$1156.993d 17h 53m
Excellent25$510.003d 17h 53m
Excellent73$925.003d 17h 53m
Fine73$750.003d 17h 53m
Excellent27$995.073d 17h 53m
Excellent39$1240.003d 17h 53m
Fine23$696.003d 17h 53m