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Very Good21$270.007d 15h 44m
Very Good29$117.737d 15h 44m
Excellent45$295.007d 15h 45m
Fine25$286.007d 15h 45m
Very Good37$371.007d 15h 45m
39$382.777d 15h 45m
Poor27$27.017d 15h 45m
Fine19$275.007d 15h 45m
Very Good13$112.507d 15h 45m
Good25$30.017d 15h 45m
Fine41$680.007d 15h 45m
Poor11$21.007d 15h 45m
Very Good33$406.337d 15h 45m
Very Good27$168.577d 15h 45m
Fine15$300.007d 15h 45m
Very Good59$299.277d 15h 45m
Very Good23$93.057d 15h 45m
Good47$152.507d 15h 45m
Fair23$65.007d 15h 45m
Excellent35$247.507d 15h 46m
Fine37$437.507d 15h 46m
Very Good23$279.097d 15h 46m
Excellent29$322.507d 15h 46m
Very Good45$287.507d 15h 46m
Excellent67$1132.007d 15h 46m
Very Good21$216.007d 15h 47m
Excellent37$737.007d 15h 47m
Excellent35$855.007d 15h 47m
Excellent27$695.007d 15h 47m
Good35$295.007d 15h 47m