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$895.004d 23h 43m
29$255.005d 23h 27m
15$60.005d 23h 27m
23$115.775d 23h 27m
35$782.005d 23h 28m
51$356.005d 23h 28m
45$945.005d 23h 28m
31$491.445d 23h 28m
15$96.005d 23h 28m
17$116.005d 23h 28m
29$175.005d 23h 28m
37$265.005d 23h 28m
37$2656.005d 23h 28m
35$1505.005d 23h 28m
27$359.225d 23h 28m
83$1261.005d 23h 28m
Excellent29$415.005d 23h 28m
33$434.005d 23h 29m
31$330.255d 23h 29m
19$325.005d 23h 29m
25$335.005d 23h 29m
47$305.005d 23h 29m
55$630.005d 23h 29m
27$150.005d 23h 29m
45$370.005d 23h 29m
47$330.005d 23h 29m
29$296.005d 23h 30m
21$100.005d 23h 30m
59$305.055d 23h 30m
43$570.005d 23h 30m