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Good29$205.001d 17h 29m
Fine61$435.001d 17h 29m
Fine47$378.001d 17h 29m
Fine49$381.001d 17h 29m
Fine35$395.991d 17h 29m
Very Good35$190.001d 17h 30m
Fair17$103.881d 17h 30m
Fair23$337.991d 17h 30m
Fine25$640.001d 17h 30m
Good33$385.001d 17h 30m
Fine67$470.001d 17h 30m
Fine69$475.001d 17h 30m
Fine39$450.001d 17h 30m
Fine93$760.001d 17h 30m
Fine69$664.001d 17h 30m
Fine57$1439.001d 17h 30m
Fine59$1304.701d 17h 30m
Very Good57$405.001d 17h 30m
Excellent85$1210.001d 17h 30m
Fine21$250.001d 17h 31m
Very Good33$175.991d 17h 31m
Fine13$130.251d 17h 31m
Fine39$310.001d 17h 31m
Fine39$401.221d 17h 31m
Fine55$315.001d 17h 31m
Very Good35$310.011d 17h 31m
Very Good49$381.011d 17h 31m
Good43$455.001d 17h 31m
Fine31$401.001d 17h 31m
Fine65$445.001d 17h 31m