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Very Good49$170.003d 10h 34m
Very Good25$100.003d 10h 34m
Good13$45.013d 10h 34m
Excellent11$60.003d 10h 35m
Good19$692.203d 10h 36m
Poor19$805.003d 10h 36m
Very Good15$130.503d 10h 37m
Fine35$405.003d 10h 37m
Fine11$405.413d 10h 37m
Fine131$1255.003d 10h 37m
Fine41$305.003d 10h 37m
Fine41$265.003d 10h 37m
Fine371$4805.003d 10h 37m
Very Good31$165.003d 10h 37m
Fine35$355.003d 10h 38m
Very Good27$215.003d 10h 38m
Very Good39$349.993d 10h 38m
Fair19$115.003d 10h 38m
Excellent23$606.003d 10h 38m
Good47$275.003d 10h 38m
Good31$357.523d 10h 38m
Excellent37$600.003d 10h 38m
Very Good21$105.003d 10h 38m
Very Good33$200.003d 10h 38m
Fine27$256.393d 10h 39m
Fair15$138.693d 10h 39m
Excellent37$1405.003d 10h 39m
Fine75$647.433d 10h 39m
Excellent59$1305.003d 10h 39m
Fine99$2182.003d 10h 39m