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2h 54m
Very Good$45.00
8h 1m
65$131.001d 7h 48m
1d 10h 23m
1d 10h 41m
Excellent47$711.002d 6h 49m
Fine27$490.002d 6h 53m
Excellent87$915.002d 6h 55m
Very Good43$260.002d 6h 57m
Excellent31$490.002d 7h 1m
Very Good47$762.002d 7h 7m
Excellent33$733.002d 7h 9m
Fine15$465.002d 7h 11m
Excellent49$873.002d 7h 15m
Very Good17$810.002d 7h 17m
Excellent35$9960.002d 7h 18m
77$535.002d 7h 21m
Fine31$426.002d 7h 23m
Good23$250.002d 7h 27m
Excellent35$455.012d 7h 29m
75$127.002d 7h 48m
47$211.002d 7h 48m
73$195.632d 7h 48m
Fine17$701.002d 7h 56m
Very Good1$275.002d 10h 53m
Fine$1850.002d 11h 17m
Very Good4$275.032d 11h 43m
Excellent6$350.002d 11h 55m
41$555.003d 7h 48m
Fine2$300.003d 20h 48m