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Fair11$40.997d 6h 59m
Very Good29$117.737d 6h 59m
Poor27$27.017d 7h
Very Good37$371.007d 7h
39$382.777d 7h
$325.00 1h 5m
$375.00 2h 24m
$375.00 22h 52m
$225.00 23h 56m
$325.001d 37m
$625.001d 38m
$325.001d 1h 45m
$245.003d 1h 51m
$325.003d 2h 20m
3d 2h 43m
$725.004d 41m
$325.004d 1h 32m
$225.004d 2h 51m
$225.004d 3h 33m
Good$1200.0012d 23h 42m