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Poor15$13.01 4h 26m
Fair9$121.001d 4h 26m
Poor1$0.017d 4h 26m
Fair$0.019d 4h 26m
Poor$0.0110d 4h 26m
Poor$0.0113d 4h 26m
$3.50 40m
$36.00 3h 49m
$3.50 20h 39m
$3.50 20h 42m
$3.50 20h 45m
$4.00 23h 7m
Good$200.001d 4h 6m
Good$59.991d 17h 29m
1d 18h 29m
$3.502d 56m
$3.502d 16h 39m
$10.002d 17h 46m
2d 18h 14m
$3.502d 21h 26m
3d 4h 5m
Poor$45.003d 5h 10m
3d 16h 38m
Poor3$12.503d 21h 52m
$3.503d 22h 55m
Good3$90.003d 23h 1m
$15.003d 23h 47m
$3.503d 23h 51m
$25.004d 22h 41m
$30.005d 21h 57m