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$12.954d 20h 20m
$1.954d 20h 32m
4d 22h 6m
$8.954d 22h 54m
$8.954d 23h 9m
$9.954d 23h 12m
$24.955d 32m
5d 32m
$65.005d 33m
$1.955d 52m
$1.255d 52m
$2.955d 1h 32m
$1.955d 1h 32m
$1.255d 1h 52m
$1.005d 2h 12m
5d 2h 12m
$1.955d 2h 12m
$1.955d 3h 32m
$1.505d 3h 32m
$1.505d 3h 32m
5d 4h 3m
5d 4h 12m
5d 4h 32m
5d 4h 52m
5d 4h 52m
$2.955d 5h 52m
5d 6h 32m
$1.955d 7h 12m
$1.955d 7h 12m
$1.955d 7h 12m