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Very Good13$330.405d 19h 5m
Factory New53$700.785d 20h 5m
Excellent$0.016d 11h 47m
Excellent$0.016d 11h 48m
Excellent5$715.006d 16h 3m
Poor$1450.006d 18h 5m
Factory New$275.006d 18h 26m
Good$895.007d 4h 20m
Factory New43$172.017d 8h 49m
Factory New37$202.009d 8h 49m
Excellent33$4506.009d 16h 4m
11$615.009d 16h 7m
59$3155.009d 16h 7m
49$1255.009d 16h 7m
9$1212.779d 16h 7m
23$164.699d 16h 7m
17$105.009d 16h 7m
71$404.009d 16h 7m
43$405.009d 16h 7m
39$155.019d 16h 7m
23$85.009d 16h 7m
23$265.009d 16h 7m
9$65.019d 16h 8m
13$315.009d 16h 8m
29$240.899d 16h 8m
23$190.009d 16h 8m
27$2317.009d 16h 9m
23$268.009d 16h 11m
17$130.019d 16h 12m
Excellent35$1253.009d 16h 18m