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25$528.008d 16h 4m
11$320.008d 16h 4m
13$395.008d 16h 4m
27$2815.008d 16h 4m
13$1015.008d 16h 4m
55$2525.008d 16h 4m
33$1005.008d 16h 4m
39$130.008d 16h 4m
35$244.008d 16h 4m
59$2515.008d 16h 4m
15$260.008d 16h 4m
23$210.008d 16h 5m
Good15$205.008d 16h 5m
17$460.008d 16h 5m
17$280.008d 16h 5m
25$250.898d 16h 5m
21$230.008d 16h 9m
27$353.928d 16h 14m
77$1331.008d 16h 18m
31$207.008d 16h 20m
23$135.008d 16h 25m
Excellent63$3106.008d 16h 32m
Excellent19$905.018d 16h 47m
$1999.009d 18h 32m
10d 13h 50m
Good15$175.0011d 8h 19m
$1095.0011d 18h 36m
$1295.0012d 13h 58m
Excellent$3495.0012d 16h 28m
$3900.0013d 19h 2m