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Good11$255.005d 4h
Good51$331.895d 4h 5m
Excellent37$502.115d 13h 43m
Excellent$2995.007d 10h 21m
Excellent$3795.007d 11h 39m
61$102.017d 13h 43m
Fine81$1346.007d 13h 43m
Excellent27$456.007d 13h 43m
19$210.007d 15h 45m
21$475.007d 16h 24m
Excellent$3595.008d 9h 24m
Excellent$3495.009d 11h 44m
Good1$0.0110d 12h 16m
Excellent27$460.5510d 12h 18m
11d 8h 49m
Excellent$3995.0012d 10h 12m
Excellent$2995.0012d 11h 29m
Excellent$3295.0013d 11h 45m
Very Good17$1782.7717d 11h 45m
Very Good13$5500.0017d 11h 45m
Excellent35$2976.5117d 11h 45m
Excellent15$160.0117d 11h 45m
Poor1$0.0117d 11h 46m
Good11$254.4017d 11h 46m
Very Good43$444.0017d 11h 46m
Fine37$402.4517d 11h 47m
Fine13$222.2217d 11h 47m
Excellent19$530.0017d 11h 47m
Fine15$105.0017d 11h 47m