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Check Out ProMag’s Archangel Stock for Mosin Nagant




( — For 2013, ProMag’s Archangel aftermarket Mosin Nagant stock can improve your collectible rifle’s performance. The company says the Archangel stock will work with either Chinese or Russian Mosins, usually with a drop-in fit.
The main difference between this and other aftermarket stocks is that ProMag figured out how to implement a detachable box magazine without permanently altering the original rifle. They also left in the ability to drop a stripper clip into the magazine from above the chamber.
The Archangel comes with a 5-round detachable magazine, and 10-round magazines are also available. Just ahead of the tang, the stock is pre-inletted for a Timney trigger, so no grinding is necessary. ProMag includes a spacer for this inlet in case you plan on sticking with the original. If you’ve had enough experience with how terrible Mosin triggers can be, you’ll know why this is important.
Curiously, ProMag’s design allows for a free-floating barrel. However, not every Mosin Nagant fires particularly well with a free-floating design, so an optional barrel tensioner rests at the bottom of the foregrip, which you can adjust to a fussy Mosin barrel.
ProMag includes an adjustable length-of-pull and cheek riser. Additionally, they threw in a storage compartment inside the grip. When you hold the stock, it is obvious it offers far more comfort for the shooter than the original. Given the proper tuning of the barrel tensioner, along with the right ammo, you can expect much tighter groups out of a banged up trade-in Mosin Nagant.
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