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This Act May Be Cited as the ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 2013’



( — If passed into law, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) bill, S. 150, would criminalize the choices of law-abiding Americans who legally purchased modern sporting rifles, shotguns and handguns.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation notes that Feinstein’s legislation cover many more firearms, including handguns and shotguns, than did the 1994 ban on semi-automatic rifles. The NSSF says she seeks to lower the threshold of what firearms would be banned, by requiring only one cosmetic feature to define an “assault weapon” instead of two. The new bill also looks to reinstate the ban on magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.
Finally, there is no sunset provision, meaning this bill would ban modern sporting rifles forever, NSSF points out. An earlier version of the legislation calls for current, legal owners of modern sporting rifles to be fingerprinted, photographed and have their firearms registered in a federal database. Whether the senator would still seek these onerous and expensive provisions is unclear at this writing.
Sen. Feinstein’s bill does not address the real issues that would prevent further tragedies and is not a serious effort to keep our children and communities safer. Instead she wants to ban commonly owned firearms popular among recreational shooters, collectors and hunters and create a database to track their current owners.
NSSF encourages everyone to call their U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand that they reject S. 150 and its companion bill in the House of Representatives.
To read the entire bill, click here
Below are specific guns named in the Feinstein S. 150. 
This Act May Be Cited as the ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 2013’
‘‘(H) All of the following rifles, copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof:
‘‘(i) All AK types, including the following: ‘‘(I) AK, AK47, AK47S, AK–74, AKM, AKS, ARM, MAK90, MISR, NHM90, NHM91, Rock River Arms LAR–47, SA85, SA93, Vector Arms AK–47, VEPR, WASR–10, and WUM.
‘‘(II) IZHMASH Saiga AK.
‘‘(III) MAADI AK47 and ARM.
‘‘(IV) Norinco 56S, 56S2, 84S, and 6 86S.
‘‘(V) Poly Technologies AK47 and AKS.
‘‘(ii) All AR types, including the following:
‘‘(I) AR–10.
‘‘(II) AR–15.
‘‘(III) Armalite M15 22LR Carbine.
‘‘(IV) Armalite M15–T.
‘‘(V) Barrett REC7.
‘‘(VI) Beretta AR–70.
‘‘(VII) Bushmaster ACR.
‘‘(VIII) Bushmaster Carbon 15.
‘‘(IX) Bushmaster MOE series.
‘‘(X) Bushmaster XM15.
‘‘(XI) Colt Match Target Rifles.
‘‘(XII) DoubleStar AR rifles.
‘‘(XIII) DPMS Tactical Rifles.
‘‘(XIV) Heckler & Koch MR556.
‘‘(XV) Olympic Arms.
‘‘(XVI) Remington R–15 rifles.
‘‘(XVII) Rock River Arms LAR–15.
‘‘(XVIII) Sig Sauer SIG516 rifles.
‘‘(XIX) Smith & Wesson M&P15 Rifles.
‘‘(XX) Stag Arms AR rifles.
‘‘(XXI) Sturm, Ruger & Co. SR556 rifles.
‘‘(iii) Barrett M107A1.
‘‘(iv) Barrett M82A1.
‘‘(v) Beretta CX4 Storm.
‘‘(vi) Calico Liberty Series.
‘‘(vii) CETME Sporter.
‘‘(viii) Daewoo K–1, K–2, Max 1, Max 2,
AR 100, and AR 110C.
‘‘(ix) Fabrique Nationale/FN Herstal
FAL, LAR, 22 FNC, 308 Match, L1A1 Sporter, PS90, SCAR, and FS2000.
‘‘(x) Feather Industries AT–9.
‘‘(xi) Galil Model AR and Model ARM.
‘‘(xii) Hi-Point Carbine.
‘‘(xiii) HK–91, HK–93, HK–94, HK–PSG–1, and HK USC.
‘‘(xiv) Kel-Tec Sub–2000, SU–16, and RFB.
‘‘(xv) SIG AMT, SIG PE–57, Sig Sauer SG 550, and Sig Sauer SG 551.
‘‘(xvi) Springfield Armory SAR–48.
‘‘(xvii) Steyr AUG.
‘‘(xviii) Sturm, Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rife M–14/20CF.
‘‘(xix) All Thompson rifles, including the following:
‘‘(I) Thompson M1SB.
‘‘(II) Thompson T1100D.
‘‘(III) Thompson T150D.
‘‘(IV) Thompson T1B.
‘‘(V) Thompson T1B100D.
‘‘(VI) Thompson T1B50D.
‘‘(VII) Thompson T1BSB.
‘‘(VIII) Thompson T1–C.
‘‘(IX) Thompson T1D.
‘‘(X) Thompson T1SB.
‘‘(XI) Thompson T5.
‘‘(XII) Thompson T5100D.
‘‘(XIII) Thompson TM1.
‘‘(XIV) Thompson TM1C.
‘‘(xx) UMAREX UZI Rifle.
‘‘(xxi) UZI Mini Carbine, UZI Model A Carbine, and UZI Model B Carbine.
‘‘(xxii) Valmet M62S, M71S, and M78.
‘‘(xxiii) Vector Arms UZI Type.
‘‘(xxiv) Weaver Arms Nighthawk.
‘‘(xxv) Wilkinson Arms Linda Carbine.
‘‘(I) All of the following pistols, copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof:
‘‘(i) All AK–47 types, including the following:
‘‘(I) Centurion 39 AK pistol.
‘‘(II) Draco AK–47 pistol.
‘‘(III) HCR AK–47 pistol.
‘‘(IV) IO Inc. Hellpup AK–47 pistol.
‘‘(V) Krinkov pistol.
‘‘(VI) Mini Draco AK–47 pistol.
‘‘(VII) Yugo Krebs Krink pistol.
‘‘(ii) All AR–15 types, including the following:
‘‘(I) American Spirit AR–15 pistol.
‘‘(II) Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol.
‘‘(III) DoubleStar Corporation AR pistol.
‘‘(IV) DPMS AR–15 pistol.
‘‘(V) Olympic Arms AR–15 pistol.
‘‘(VI) Rock River Arms LAR 15 pis- tol.
‘‘(iii) Calico Liberty pistols.
‘‘(iv) DSA SA58 PKP FAL pistol.
‘‘(v) Encom MP–9 and MP–45.
‘‘(vi) Heckler & Koch model SP-89 pistol. 
‘‘(vii) Intratec AB–10, TEC–22 Scorpion, TEC–9, and TEC–DC9.
‘‘(viii) Kel-Tec PLR 16 pistol.
‘‘(ix) The following MAC types:
‘‘(I) MAC–10.
‘‘(II) MAC–11.
‘‘(III) Masterpiece Arms MPA A930 Mini Pistol, MPA460 Pistol, MPA Tactical Pistol, and MPA Mini Tactical Pistol.
‘‘(IV) Military Armament Corp. Ingram M–11.
‘‘(V) Velocity Arms VMAC.
‘‘(x) Sig Sauer P556 pistol.
‘‘(xi) Sites Spectre.
‘‘(xii) All Thompson types, including the following:
‘‘(I) Thompson TA510D.
‘‘(II) Thompson TA5.
‘‘(xiii) All UZI types, including Micro-UZI.
‘‘(J) All of the following shotguns, copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof:
‘‘(i) Franchi LAW–12 and SPAS 12.
‘‘(ii) All IZHMASH Saiga 12 types, including the following:
‘‘(I) IZHMASH Saiga 12.
‘‘(II) IZHMASH Saiga 12S.
‘‘(III) IZHMASH Saiga 12S EXP–01.
‘‘(IV) IZHMASH Saiga 12K.
‘‘(V) IZHMASH Saiga 12K–030.
‘‘(VI) IZHMASH Saiga 12K–040
‘‘(iii) Streetsweeper.
‘‘(iv) Striker 12.
‘‘(K) All belt-fed semiautomatic firearms, including TNW M2HB.