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Thread Admin: 1straightshot (57-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 01/19/2005 at 18:11:15
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Thread Title: "SAVAGE 410ers WHAT CHOKE???"
(no avatar) I Shoot a lot of old doubles.Some are damascus ,some are not.I like to use 410er tubes to not beat these old guns aparts and bring life back to the damascus ones.So what effect does original barrel lenght and choke have to do with pattern size? What do you think?????
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Seller: Elitist(48-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 01/20/2005 at 12:01:08
Elitist I have three of these things. According to Savage the choke in your gun affects the pattern of the smaller shell the same way it would the larger gauge charge. I doubt it. One of my 20's throws lovely patterns with 20-gauge shells and holey ones with the tubes. The only way to know what you're actually getting is to pattern it with the tubes in place. The smaller wad may or may not expand enough to prevent gas blow-by (more likely to occur in the 12-to-410 reduction) and foul up your patterns. The fourtenners are convenient but not as useful as one might think.

Thread Admin: 1straightshot(57-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 01/20/2005 at 15:11:42
(no avatar) HI Elitist.Savage does make that statement.The argument is, everything that will happen, happens in the short tube.The wad will not open in the barrel.Maybe true in the shorter guns.Questionable in the 30 in. tubes.I will have to try the 12 ga again.I do know that my 20 and 16 ga. ones work well.The problem with the 12's are my old doubles in that gauge weigh about 8 or more pounds.Certainly swing alittle slower than the smaller gauges I regularly use.Anyone else have any experience????

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