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Thread Admin: Splittinhairs (18-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 05/17/2011 at 06:19:26
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Thread Title: "Stupid Human Tricks"

Man Turns Head 180 Degrees - Watch more Funny Videos

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Former Seller: BRDouglas(6-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 05/17/2011 at 07:49:42

Yep hes rubber necked.

Seller: Elitist(148-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 05/17/2011 at 09:53:30

No big deal...Linda Blair did a 360 in The Exorcist; and she spit out pea soup to boot.

Buyer: 5thcommjarhead(71-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 05/17/2011 at 17:39:53

I'd have eaten that iffn' it had some ham chunks in it ......   Innocent

Thread Admin: Splittinhairs(18-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 06/17/2011 at 12:00:35

Dumb and Dumber - Watch more Funny Videos

Seller: tomon(71-0-0) Post#5 - Posted: 06/17/2011 at 12:45:12

Gene Pool adjustment!

Seller: Hagrid(68-0-0) Post#6 - Posted: 06/17/2011 at 15:17:18


Former Seller: MealAndMore(312-1-2) Post#7 - Posted: 06/18/2011 at 08:53:28


Former Seller: c3shooter(38-0-0) Post#8 - Posted: 06/18/2011 at 15:06:29

It could be worse- YOU could be the investigating officer trying to draw the diagram of THAT accident!

Buyer: 5thcommjarhead(71-0-0) Post#9 - Posted: 06/18/2011 at 19:09:03

C3 - Reminds of one I handled where the guy left the road at better than 100 mph, went down a ditch for some distance before hitting a culvert pipe for a driveway across the ditch, and then the car went 37 feet airborne before hitting a power pole across the firewall as the car twisted through the air.  The car spun around the pole and ended up wrapped around it from the opposite side of its direction of travel.  It left me scratching my noggin for a bit until I finally found the marks in the darkness where the guy went off the roadway and into the ditch.  I had to do multiple diagrams for that one, including a depiction of the angle at which the vehicle hit the pole.

He survived.  Drunks usually do.

I wonder if that second truck ever stopped before it ran out of gas?  BTW, I'd have written that one as two separate accidents.  The first damage or injury-producing event was essentially over before the second one with the truck running the guy over started.

Thread Admin: Splittinhairs(18-0-0) Post#10 - Posted: 06/20/2011 at 10:15:02

This Guy Deserves A Raise - Watch more Funny Videos

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