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Thread Admin: Nevada Fatboy (100-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 12/05/2009 at 21:36:10
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Thread Title: "Could I see your......"
Nevada Fatboy If only her request would ACTUALLY happen!! LOL!!!
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Buyer: Splittinhairs(18-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 12/06/2009 at 05:33:46
Splittinhairs I've sent her an invite to the Pink Palace and I'll show her more than a birth certificate.

Seller: Goatman007(6-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 12/06/2009 at 05:49:26
Goatman007 Those people who want Obooba's birth certificate validated are now called "Birthers", go figure. Propaganda.

Buyer: 5thcommjarhead(67-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 12/06/2009 at 06:36:25
5thcommjarhead Birthers, Truthers ... The list goes on and on. Of course, our proximity to the DC Beltway (about 50 miles) gets us all sorts of dirt on this thing. Among other things, I learned Friday that the Salahis are in hock up to their ears and just bounced a check for $13K to a Maryland liquor outlet for booze they bought for a charity polo tournament.

You can invite her to the Pink Palace if you want to, Split. Just make sure you count the spoons before she leaves.

Buyer: Splittinhairs(18-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 12/06/2009 at 06:58:59
Splittinhairs If she gives herself to me she can take anything.

Former Seller: BRDouglas(6-0-0) Post#5 - Posted: 12/06/2009 at 15:31:45
BRDouglas You know these clowns are still insisting they were invited to the White House even though they cant provide a invitation and the secret Service says they weren't. What a bunch of losers. I hope they didn't think getting their picture taken with the President would enhance their image any. They fit into the same category as the balloon boys parents and that nutcase that had all the babies. BRD

Buyer: 5thcommjarhead(67-0-0) Post#6 - Posted: 12/07/2009 at 04:23:31
5thcommjarhead What was it Warhol said? Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame?

Two Secret Service officers have been suspended pending the completion of an investigation of how those two knuckleheads got into the White House and access to the president. How much does anyone want to bet that when it all shakes out the scenario is going to be that the Salahis dropped a name at the first checkpoint and the officer checked with his superiors, who checked with some White House staffer, who told the Secret Service that he/she PERSONALLY okayed them and this info was relayed to the second access point? I will guarantee you that everything which transpired was duly logged, too. What a crock.

Former Seller: Pappa Jim(63-1-0) Post#7 - Posted: 12/07/2009 at 05:05:57
Pappa Jim Remember the secret service protects the white house and the president in all things and in all ways. 2 agents suspended. Ill be they are suspended with pay. And the investigation will show these two were at fault and they will say that since the president was never in real danger this suspension is their punishment and you will se it all swept under the rug

Seller: tomon(61-0-0) Post#8 - Posted: 12/07/2009 at 06:03:16
tomon But White House tours are canceled for the masses!

Buyer: JohnT007(38-0-0) Post#9 - Posted: 12/07/2009 at 06:16:02
(no avatar) yet it was The White House Social Secretary who is totally responsible for these type functions and invitees. Therefore they toss a couple of lowly paid civil servants under the bus. Bet she doesn't get suspended. Desiree as it turns out was seated inside partaking in all the festivities. As far as wanting to see Obama's birth certificate.....dream on....bet he don't want to see it either....."Who's Your Daddy?" would be "BLANK". Split, you have definitely been in that swamp way toooo long.....that gal is a skag. You'd be better off whacking to the beat of your plumber or brick mason calendars. JohnT

Buyer: Splittinhairs(18-0-0) Post#10 - Posted: 12/07/2009 at 06:18:12
Splittinhairs "That girl is a skag?" I like my women a little on the trashy side.

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