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Thread Admin: Greebo (49-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 04/14/2009 at 18:08:56
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Thread Title: "Need Savage 340 expert"
Greebo I just recieved a savage 340 in 30-30 and now have a bunch of questions, the 340 is suposed to be drilled and tapped for a scope mount from the factory this one is not the rear site is a peep marked WFC no 175 and the front sight is a dockendorff, a tube with a norizontal wire with a bead in the middle there is a sliding tube on the site that opens a cut in the top I think its to regulate the light. It has a walnut stock with cut checkering all in very good shape no serial number. What do I have ?
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Seller: Elitist(113-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 04/14/2009 at 18:32:42
Elitist What does it say on the side? Is it marked "Savage 340"? Savage made a couple of rifles that were somewhat similar: the Super Sporter and the Model 325. You might check with Savage Arms if you can't ID it. A picture would help a lot if you can post one.

Thread Admin: Greebo(49-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 04/14/2009 at 19:09:26
Greebo Savage arms corporation, chicopee falls mass usa model 340 proof tested 30-30 it also has a dockendorff buck horn site with the elevation wheel removed can not be seen when looking thru the peep site will read up on the how to tomarrow and try to post a picture, I am going to go and shoot this thing in the morning have some 30-30 with 125 gr bullets I load for a friends contender, at one time it had sling swivels

Former Seller: remguns(33-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 04/15/2009 at 04:49:27
(no avatar) The model 340 and 340A are not drilled and tapped.The model 840 is.I am not sure about the model 325.

Seller: Elitist(113-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 04/15/2009 at 06:55:37
Elitist I have a Revelation 255, the Western Auto label for the 340, and it is drilled and tapped for a side mount. I used to own a 340 with a peep sight, that was mounted on the left side of the receiver. I don't remember how or where it was tapped, but it was. It may have been an aftermarket job. I'm thinking that's what dog may have.

Seller: tomon(53-0-0) Post#5 - Posted: 04/15/2009 at 07:25:17
tomon Savage didn't serial number the 340s early on before 1968. The one I bought from Hartwell in his previous incarnation was like new and NOT drilled and tapped for scope. The 325 was made under the Stevens brand name.

How is the trigger on yours?

Thread Admin: Greebo(49-0-0) Post#6 - Posted: 04/15/2009 at 14:04:28
Greebo The trigger goes at 4 1/2 lbs and breaks clean. It does not like factory 150 Rem 10 in about 6 in. My hand loads with H4895 and 125 Sierras gave a group about one bullet hole wide and about 2 in high more powder loaded on the low end for a friends contender. Discovered a gold mine of info Weisner's you can google the address, My rifle is the Deluxe model made in the mid 60's cut checkering, sling swivels the peep site was standard and the front site was an option. The gentleman I talked to at the range said this is the first one he hase seen out side of a book I am qiute pleased. Cheers, DOG

Seller: Sportsmanssupply(4917-0-5) Post#7 - Posted: 04/16/2009 at 15:28:47
(no avatar) I'm not an expert but I opened my 1st storefront FFL in the late 1970's. At that time and into the early 80's the 340 was drilled on the side for a Weaver #1 side mount. Earlier models weren't and we sent them out to be D&T'd and a 1/4 inch piece of the stock had to be removed to complete the job. This is an easy job for a decent gunsmith. The 840 had the Stevens name on it and was marketed by Monkey Wards,Western Auto and Sears among others. The Stevens had a birch stock versus the 340 being the so called Cadillac with pressed checkering and a walnut stock. I hope this helps. BTW they were all fine shooters with a sloppy action.

Seller: Sportsmanssupply(4934-0-5) Post#8 - Posted: 04/18/2009 at 11:51:45
(no avatar) FYI there is a 225 Winchester being auctioned in the Savage 340. AA#9094953

Thread Admin: Greebo(49-0-0) Post#9 - Posted: 04/18/2009 at 12:54:14
Greebo You did not have to do that, tempted again I think that maybe I want it

Former Seller: OLD RATTLER(199-0-0) Post#10 - Posted: 04/19/2009 at 16:52:07
(no avatar) I have had several 340's . All were drilled for side mount . However; I have never had a fancy grade with walnut stocks.

The one you have is probably a "KEEPER" , I would surmise. All the ones I had were good , accurate rifles. I only have one now and it ain't for sale.

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