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Thread Admin: the41cadguy (0-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 08/06/2008 at 14:55:07
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Thread Title: "Way back in ought '63...."
(no avatar) I was stationed in Berlin, Germany from 1960-1964 with the Army Security Agency. My family was there as well, so I lived off post with a German physician, and her son. One of my buddies on my trick belonged to the Rod & Gun Club, and one Saturday, told us that he had to go pick out his choice of firearm from the grouping that the West Berlin Police had given to the Club. They had started a pile in May or June of 1945 out back of the main police station, and when a Berliner turned in a pistol that they found in the rubble, they simply tossed it on the pile. It kept growing and growing, until to clear it out, they gave the guns to the Club in the fall of 1963. My friend helped with the sorting into M-1 rifle cases by make, and actually found a few that were still loaded. After all the members had their choice, they were going to allow new members to join, and pick up what was left. I did so, and found that all the Lugers and Mauser Broomhandles were already gone. One officer in front of me in line had a Luger that must have been buried. It was solid rust. I think they charged him a quarter for it. I did find a couple of not too rusted P-38s. Included in my haul was a Spanish Copy of the S&W Hand Ejector, a Star 9MM Parabellum clone of the 1911, and a cute Browning/Colt style .25 auto. I think I paid somewhere around eleven dollars for the whole bunch. Over the next few days, I tried to figure out how the P-38s came apart, as there were some broken springs. Finally, I found a Gun Digest that got the job done. I had to buy some really trashed P-38s for parts to fix the two "good" ones, and while I was looking, I found a 1910 Mauser 6.35, a Czech C-27, and a PPK minus the grips. Over the winter, I repaired the guns by buying ruined ones for parts if they were available, and then started in to get rid of the various pits adorning the surfaces where they had lain in wet. I found some ratty files and emery paper at the PX, and started in. It took quite awhile, but I managed to clean one P-38 up quite nicely, and the other was decent. The PPK had an abcess on the LH flat of the slide that took quite a bit of filing and polishing to get off. The next spring, I took several of them out to the range, firing the P-38s, and the Star. All three seemed to be no worse the wear for being "stored" outside for so long. The only thing I wish was that I had done was to purchase the remainder of the few drawers full of odds and ends. I did find most of a Walther #4 that I bought as well. My gunsmith dad made quite a haul fixing several pistols from the grouping of parts I did bring home in a coffee can. Hope you enjoyed this war story that really happened.
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Seller: Hartwell Gun(945-1-2) Post#1 - Posted: 08/06/2008 at 19:21:58
Hartwell Gun 41/guy-Nice story i enjoyed it because i would rather shoot a old war horse than a high dollar super do it all,the smoke smells so different!!

Former Seller: BRDouglas(5-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 08/07/2008 at 08:39:28
BRDouglas WOW That sounds like a dream come true. wish I could come across something like that in my lifetime. BRD

Former Seller: Kan Do Arms(70-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 08/07/2008 at 09:57:51
(no avatar) if you are referring to ought as -063- as 2063 that year has not got here yet.

Thread Admin: the41cadguy(0-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 08/07/2008 at 15:59:58
(no avatar) When trying to think of a nifty title for the thread, I remembered that getting up early in the military is referred to as "o-dark-hundred," and added my own humor to the title. In any case, it was in the last century, when we were all a little younger, a little more innocent, etc, etc, etc. One more quick story... We were issued M-14s to replace our M-1s, and the whole unit that was off duty had attended instruction that afternoon on how to load, fire, and field strip the new rifle. As I recall, we were in formation waiting (and waiting) to be dismissed as there was some activity "downtown" at Checkpoint Charley. (This was in the summer of 1961 when the Wall went up and things were pretty tense.) We were grousing about being kept over when the Field First (Sgt) stuck his head out the window and yelled to break out ammo, that we had a red alert. Talk about screw-ups. There were only a few striper clips handed out to load the magazines easily. There were cartons of the cheap wooden crates stacked in a pile behind the unit, and I imagine the next day, the arms room NCO had a time re-inventorying the ammo. However, I was a very thankful trooper who finally got home to his family. The fact that we had hot dogs for supper that night is indelibly branded into my memory. We had one more live alert when I had to go home and get my gear, but then they sent the Battle Groups in from the US, and things quieted down. LBJ came over and we watched the battle group parade through town from in front of the US Hospital. Ed Sullivan brought Satchmo, and Connie Francis over and did his TV show from Kongresshall. Connie sang "Where the boys are" to one of the "new" troops, which all of us that had been there for months and years booed at.

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