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Thread Admin: ronsun (474-6-17) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 10/10/2007 at 19:42:53
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Thread Title: "Pre-64 M-70 "Gopher Special" 264 Win Mag Featherweight....what is it??"
(no avatar) I have recently aquired a pre 64 model 70 Winchester Featherweight in 264 Win Mag. It has a 22 inch barrel with no sights. I was told by the original owners son that he (his father) was told when he bought it that it was a "Gopher Special". Does anyone know anything about these guns. I don't have either one of the model 70 books (any one got an extra for sale?), so haven't been able to figure out what calibers a "Gopher special" came in, and how many of each caliber were made. Any help appreciated. Ron
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Seller: Hagrid(12-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 10/11/2007 at 13:10:57
Hagrid Ronson, I don't believe winchester made such a critter. they may have been pullin your leg a bit and refering to the caliber. The 264 was very fast and considered a long range shooter. trapper

Former Seller: eastbank(23-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 10/11/2007 at 13:52:15
(no avatar) gopher was a retail,wholsaler in the 50,s-60,s. i remember reading there add in the american rifleman and it refering to gopher specials, incuding model 70,s. eastbank.

Former Seller: Wild West Guns(1047-1-4) Post#3 - Posted: 10/11/2007 at 15:27:55
(no avatar) If it is correct, it would be whats known as a Gopher Special.

Seller: Hagrid(12-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 10/11/2007 at 17:42:20
Hagrid well, paint me wrong gentlemen. I thought I knew the winchester line butttttttt my face is red. Trapper

Thread Admin: ronsun(474-6-17) Post#5 - Posted: 10/11/2007 at 18:30:16
(no avatar) So what I am understanding is they were built for Gopher Wholesale, and were called a Gopher Special. Any idea how many were made? Thanks, Ron

Former Seller: eastbank(23-0-0) Post#6 - Posted: 10/12/2007 at 02:11:58
(no avatar) sorry i don,t know how meny were made or in what calibures there were.all i know is that i could not afford one then. eastbank.

Buyer: rem41(3-0-0) Post#7 - Posted: 10/12/2007 at 17:06:24
(no avatar) If it's the Gopher I'm thinking of, it would have been Gopher's Shooters Supply in Faribault, Minnesota. I have a 1982 catalog and they list a Gopher Shooters only, win 94 big bore, exclusively from them.....so the .264 most likely came from there. I'm pretty sure they are gone now but the last phone # was 507-334-5581. Good luck with your research. Dave

Buyer: RustyTrifle(0-0-0) Post#8 - Posted: 10/31/2007 at 18:07:13
(no avatar) Page 90, Sept., 1961 American Rifleman: "SOMETHING SPECIAL! We have asked Winchester's Custom Gun Department to make up a few model 70 Featherweight Rifles without front or rear sights and without rear sight dove tail slot. After waiting over a year we are pleased to announce that we have them in stock with 22" barrels in calibers 30'06, 270 and 243. Price, $134.95. When ordering give name of your nearest dealer. GOPHER SHOOTERER'S SUPPLY Faribault, Minnesota" Your rifle came along a little later than this, of course, but these came to be known as "Gopher Specials". REM41 was on the right track but just didn't go back far enough.

Buyer: S.H Panda(0-0-0) Post#9 - Posted: 01/16/2008 at 16:10:51
(no avatar) Rusty Trifle is 100% right- read Roger Rule's great bible on the M70 "The Rifleman's Rifle" as he details the "Gopher Special" and the dealer in MN that sold them. If you don't want the .264, you'd have no problem selling it- I have a .264 Win. Mag "Westerner" but it is a Std. wt. Model 70 with 25" barrel- the Featherweights first came out in l953 in >308Win and had a shorter 22" lighter wt. barrel, no front stock screw, and a "cheap-o" aluminum floorplate, trigger guard assy. and alum. buttplate. Winchester's great idea was that a guy who shot a std. M70 would but a Featherweight for his teenage son to start with I guess.

Former Seller: CIMARRON(48-0-0) Post#10 - Posted: 01/21/2008 at 17:47:07
(no avatar) I bet it is like some of the limeted addition Rugers that were made just for Buckeye Sports. 10mm-38-40 wcf convertable blackhawk and the 32-20-32mag convertables. I remember Gopher Shooters Supply back in the old days. Kinda like a FORD pocket watch. Henry wasn't making watches but gave them to people for advertisement, maybe they would come by and buy an other model T some other time.

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