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Thread Admin: Petesguns (228-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 09/20/2006 at 18:25:22
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Thread Title: "Remington Model 16 Semi Auto .22 rifle"
Petesguns I just had one of these come into my shop. The previous owner said he shot 22LR in it. It is marked .22 Remington Autoloader Caliber. I have never seen one before, and don't know if they are the same. Anyone with insight on this out there? Thanks in advance!
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Former Seller: OLD RATTLER(117-0-0) Post#1 - Posted: 09/20/2006 at 18:41:36
(no avatar) The model 16 was the plain version and is marked autoloading rifle . I believe it shot L/R only . A later version was marked 16A and the fancier versions were marked c special, D peerless , E expert ,and F premier grade . Made 1914-28.

I have never seen anything except a mod. 16 and as best as I can remember it was marked Long Rifle only.

Thread Admin: Petesguns(228-0-0) Post#2 - Posted: 09/20/2006 at 18:49:24
Petesguns Thanks.... I didn't think there was a difference, but I have seen the later versions, I think they were Model 24?, labeled as 22LR. This one stamped 22 Remington Autoloading, kinda threw me for a loop. I know there were Winchester auto 22's that were NOT 22LR, didn't know if Remington followed suit. It is a neat little gun, one I have never seen. If dosen't sell in the shop in a month or so, I will be listing it. This one has a stamping on the side "#496 U.S.C. Co. 10-25-14". I think it may have been a cartridge test gun for US Cartridge Co. in 1914? Thanks, Jim.

Former Seller: OLD RATTLER(117-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 09/20/2006 at 18:59:34
(no avatar) I have only seen one over the years , and that was a long time ago .

Former Seller: Gun nut Bob(61-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 09/20/2006 at 19:01:38
(no avatar) petesguns; The 22 automatic cartridge was made for both Remington and Winchester self loading 22s. It had a slightly high chamber pressure then the regular 22 long rifle to operate the mechanism. It is about the same diameter of cartridge as the 22 WRF or 22 Magnum. But about the same length as the 22 long rifle.

I don't know how long it has been since any 22 Automatic cartridges have been manufactured. But I just imagine a original box of the cartridges would be worth about as much as the gun that shoots them.

The same thing was accomplished by making the 22 self loaders(automatics) with a slightly smaller bore to increase the chamber pressure.

With the modern 22 long rifle's high speed with the pressures they operate at I just imagine they would make the gun operate, but the cases will be swollen, like shooting a 22 long rifle in a 22 WRF. Some might even split.

In my experience any gun chambered for the 22 automatic should be worth a lot more as a collectable, then as a shooting gun. The way the guns were designed there is little or no danger from split cases from shooting 22 long rifle in them. But they might cause functional problems that would be more annoying then dangerous. I would put it on Auction Arms as super rare as not to many of them were made and sold. As soon as 22 automatics were made that shot regular 22 long rifles, they were history.

Former Seller: OLD RATTLER(117-0-0) Post#5 - Posted: 09/20/2006 at 19:09:40
(no avatar) I agree with you G.N.B. .If I had it , I wouldn't worry about shooting it . Just stand it in the gun cabinet to admire.

Former Seller: eastbank(17-0-0) Post#6 - Posted: 09/21/2006 at 01:38:51
(no avatar) you may want to try agillia,from western scrounger (sorry about the spelling) i have a md. 1903 .22 winchester auto. and bought a few boxes at the harrisburg pa. show for 11.00 a box. they may have .22 remington auto too. eastbank. ps. i don,t think they are interchangable.

Former Seller: CIMARRON(48-0-0) Post#7 - Posted: 09/21/2006 at 03:32:05
(no avatar) When I was a kid the local gun shop had the 22win auto and the 22rem auto on the shelf.I remember compairing them side by side and they were about the same. Kinda of a 22lr length 22special. They had a inside lubricated bullet. I will bet that Cartredges of the world can tell more about them.

Seller: 1straightshot(65-0-0) Post#8 - Posted: 09/21/2006 at 05:30:09
(no avatar) Pete, Let me help you out.I do own a Mod 16 in fact it is only a 2 digit serial #.I purchased it many years ago.It's meant to ONLY shoot 22 Remington Automatic shells.They are simular to a LR but tapered (larger to the base).The development of autoloading rifles was made possible by the invention of smokeless powder.The 22 variation was designed so that the blackpowder shells of the day where not interchangable. The 22 winchester and 22 remington automatic cartridges are NOT interchangable.Each company wanted to benifit from ther OWN ammo sales.People have tried to shoot 22 LR with very poor results.Even more disasterous is when black powder shells or Lesmoke where shot in these.The Remington guns where not as popular as the winchester and sales where poor.Obvious that is why you don't see many.I do shoot mine on occasion,but at a dollar/shell it can be expensive.Ammo has not been produced since the late 1930's - early 40's.The lack of ammo has also kept the price of the guns down.As with all condition is everything.I have only seen 3 of these guns in 25 years,but the internet would make them easier to find.If you want I can send you pictures of some ammo boxes.

Former Seller: OLD RATTLER(117-0-0) Post#9 - Posted: 09/21/2006 at 06:23:05
(no avatar) That is what I like about these forums. You can always gain knowledge from someone else .

I'm glad you posted this Tom . I learned a lot from it too .

Sure wish I would have kept the one I had years ago.

Seller: 1straightshot(65-0-0) Post#10 - Posted: 09/21/2006 at 07:04:41
(no avatar) What condition is it? What price?

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