Negative Feedback for Aries Gun Shop

Negative Feedback for Aries Gun Shop

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Buyer: 1/2breed (User Rating) Rating: Negative When: 08/08/2007 at 16:00:51
Auction: 8067792
Comments: Aries guns did not go through with a haggle that I won. I Made severial attempts to call but they never returned my calls.
Rebuttal left by: Aries Gun Shop When: 08/14/2007 at 18:16:57
Rebuttal: We can not mail a hand gun (antique or not) to an individual. no FFL received.

Buyer: Alabama Jones (User Rating) Rating: Negative When: 08/13/2003 at 16:58:46
Auction: 4558834
Comments: I won "buy it now" auction. I paid by CC over the phone, never received Harrt's rod. Sorry, I had to do this.
Rebuttal left by: Aries Gun Shop When: 08/21/2003 at 06:51:35
Rebuttal: I admit, I lost his $50.00 recoil reducer, before I could ship it (we had personnel changes) but HE WAS NEVER CHARGED FOR IT. He was inconvenienced maybe but not RIPPED OFF!

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