Colt Python 3 nickel NIB, RARE W/ Ltr.

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Indiana (IN)

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15 Years 7 Months
WINNER: J*****b
HIGH BID: $7,100.00
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Auction: 7840090

Manufacturer:   Colt
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Factory New
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80 Bids ($1,000.00 starting bid)
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(January 28, 2007 11:48:47 PT)
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(February 4, 2007 11:48:47 PT)

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Seller's Description

Guns For Sale - Colt -- Python 3 nickel NIB, RARE W/ Ltr.

02-02-07 11:00 AM NOTICE!!!!! BEVERLY AT COLT ARCHIVES JUST VERBALLY CONFIRMED THIS PYTHON, S/N K05499, TO BE AN ALL ORIGINAL FACTORY PRODUCED 3 INCH BARREL IN NICKEL!!!!! SHE ALSO PLACED A RUSH ON THE LETTER AND WILL GET IT SENT OUT TO ME NEXT WEEK. SOOOOO, AFTER ALL THE QUESTIONS, YES, THIS IS A 100% LEGIT PYTHON, SO MUCH FOR ALL THE “EXPERTS” ON HERE SAYING IT IS NOT. 3 DAY RIGHT OF RETURN STILL STANDS AND I WILL STAND BEHIND THE COLT LETTER CONFIRMING THIS AS A FACTORY 3 INCH NICKEL AS WELL. (The factory letter will still be mailed to the winner once I receive it.) Bid with 100% confidence as I, and Premier Arms, LLC, will stand behind this purchase 110%. Bottom line, if you are not happy, you will get the purchase price back, period. (As a side note, be careful to which "experts" you listen to.)******** I am very pleased to offer for your consideration is this Colt Python .357 Mag with factory nickel finish and 3 inch barrel, very, very scarce. What makes this so scarce? Well two facts, one, factory nickel finish and two, 3 inch barrel. It is estimated that Colt only manufactured about 500 Pythons with factory 3 inch barrels. It is also estimated that out of Colts total production, only about 10-15% of the Pythons were finished in nickel. Let’s make this find even better; it is in mint unfired condition, all original and in the factory numbered box. There are not many “once in a lifetime” Colts out there, but this is one. Once this sells it will be in a collection for another 20 years or more so don’t miss this chance!

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Buy with confidence. I am a FFL dealer with an actual commercial storefront (not my basement or garage). I am open 6 days a week, so feel free to call about any of my auction listings. Visit for the number. Because firearm sales is my fulltime business and I have a retail commercial storefront all of the items listed on Auctionarms are also offered for sale in my retail showroom and will continue to be offered for sale in my showroom until the reserve price on the auction is met, at that time the item will be held for the high bidder. I do also accept trades, contact me for more information. This firearm will need to be shipped direct to the FFL dealer of your choice ($30.00 for this gun, based on size and weight to the 48 continental states, Alaska and Hawaii shipping charges by quote). I accept money orders and certified checks. Buyer has 3-day inspection rights, full details available upon request, and will be included with winning e-mail. Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me about this auction via e-mail or phone. Please take a moment to view my other firearm auctions. Please visit
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Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 1
Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 2
Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 3
Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 4
Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 5
Colt - Python 3” nickel NIB, RARE W/Colt Ltr. - Picture 6

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Questions for Users
    Q:  Hi, I am writing to request some information on your 3" Python. I would like to purchase it, and will try to win the auction if I am assured the gun is real. If I do win would you be willing to let me get a Colt letter on the gun just to make sure nothing was tampered with before sending payment. I am not sure if this is your personal one or not but a lot of these are going around with barrels being swapped and boxes being wrote on. I would be willing to bid with you accepting that If I win I would be given a small amount of time to make sure that this was real and an option to back out if it was not. Thank you Craig 01/28/2007
        A:  Sir, I have no problem with you requesting a letter from Colt on this Python. I have no reservations on this Colt, but totally understand with the fakes out there you want to be sure. 01/29/2007
    Q:  Ok, let's do the math here. Colt introduced the first 3" python in late 1982 ( November to be exact). The same time that they introduced the first stainless steel gun,which also happen to be the Python. The label on the box is as real as the tooth fairy, but shows the gun to be a 1980 ( with an 1981 manual??). So you have a fake( put together) 3" Python that may be worth something as a novelty, but will most likely will file charges of fraud at the sale price it's at even now. I strongly suggest you end the auction and contact Colt to verify what I'm telling you. Unless of course you already know all of this to be true, in which case you'll get about 3 years for fraud. How's my math? Tulsa A Concerned Colt Historian 01/28/2007
        A:  I stand behind this Python as being 100% original and totally factory as represented. I will allow any winning bidder to request a letter from Colt on this after the auction closes. If this Python is not proper, per the Colt letter, I will gladly refund the purchase price and the letter cost as long as I receive the original letter. I stand 110% behind everyhting I sell, period. 01/29/2007
    Q:  The serial number indicates a 1980 manufacture. The first real 3" python didn't start until 1982. The gun does not appear to be authentic. Do you have data to prove otherwise? Regards, John 01/28/2007
        A:  I stand behind this Python as being 100% original and totally factory as represented. I will allow any winning bidder to request a letter from Colt on this after the auction closes. If this Python is not proper, per the Colt letter, I will gladly refund the purchase price and the letter cost as long as I receive the original letter. I stand 110% behind everyhting I sell, period. 01/29/2007
    Q:  Dear Sir, Your colt is a 100% original 3 inch Gun , Very Rare indeed. I have collected colts for 30 years and all the evidence points to me you have an authentic piece. The value of your gun is in the 5000-6000 thousand dollar range. Colt Produced a handful of 3 inch between the years 1978 and 1982 before going into full blown production. A test run you might say. You have a factory authentic pre runner to the 1982 and beyond production guns, another note your gun has the red ramp. this make it unique in itself for most pre production guns did not have this feature. The red ramp looks 100% factory colt to me. IF you will notice this gun has a much deeper nickle than the average production nickle. These guns were sent to the custom shop for above average polishing. I observed the screws on the gun also , this gun is legit and you can take that to the bank. I have a photo of President Gerald Ford with one of these EXACT guns in his hand presenting it to one of his top secret service official in late 1979. THESE GUNS WERE MADE IN THIS ERA ! Photo Proof. I own and enjoy over 301 Colt pythons in my elusive collection. I am think seriously of making this one number 302. I hate to see people run down a prized item ,just so they can buy it cheap at your expense. Be proud of what you own , I hope mabey I get a chance to do the same. John Scudder 01/29/2007
        A:  John, I do hope you are correct, as I believe you are. This will be interesting if Colt does authenticate this. You are right about people running rare firearms down in hopes to get a deal. No worries though, once I get the Colt letter, and undeniable proof, the reserve will be going up sharply. I would be more then happy to deal with you on this though since you have been honest. 01/30/2007
    Q:  Another Note, there were alot of 1981 through 1983 pythons sold with 1981 manuals. I have spoke to Colt about this in several lenghthy conversations and it has been confirmed. The 1981 manuals will differ in from light brown to a medium deep brown but all this was is just the differece in the ink quality. But your manual is correct.A concerned Colt Enthusiast and Primary Investigator for the brotherhood of the Rampent Brotherhood. John " Skuddy" Fugotti 01/29/2007
        A:  Thank you for the information. 01/30/2007
    Q:  Its me again this is for the collector with 30 years experience. You gave you opinion for what it is worth. I would not run down a gun to get it at a cheaper price. I never made a offer on this questionable python. If you are so sure make this 302 without seeing a letter to back it up. Also for the guy about the manual tell me how a early 1980 gun would have a 1981 manual did colt hold off shipping this gun until the 1981 manuals were printed? Come on guy this gun needs to be proved as original. If a colt collector does not question this python maybe he should start collecting rocks instead of colts. 01/30/2007
        A:  Its not a question anymore, its legit, see description and thank you for your input. 02/02/2007
    Q:  You can just pay the extra $100 for the expedited three day phone service Colt offers. In just 3 days you can have the answer for $175 total. Well worth it to prove a guns worth of $6000 to maybe $10,000, don't you think. I know Beverly in Colt Archive Department will be happy to do this one. Jeff "The Colt Expert" Fugate 01/30/2007
        A:  Great advise, unlike some of the "experts" on here. I just took it, spoke to Colt again and confirmed it is a legit Python, (see updated description), thanks! 02/02/2007
    Q:  You have chosen the righteous path my brother. You are doing a honorable thing getting a letter from Samuel Colt's offsring, Sam would be pround of a man like you. You are serving justice to the Rampent Brotherhood. The secret code of the brother hood lyes in only the hands of fair soldiers like yourself and I. One day I would like to meet you and shake your hand. People like you is what makes gun collecting fun. Fun is what its all about, the hunt the capture and then the throphy you can bury in your safe that nobody sees. You know its there, and thats what counts. Now I will lay me down to sleep with sweet dreams the letter comes back with good news, Thank you for such and interesting gun and a chance to mabey own it some day. Its 1 oclock in the morning time to fire up the Cuda and wake up the neigbors. Make this public, its folks like you that make this whole thing possible. John Skudder Mopar Fugotti 01/30/2007
        A:  Update, Beverly at Colt just confirmed that this is 100% legit, see description. 02/02/2007
    Q:  Keep the auction going as it should, if there is a concern then DON'T BID and DON'T COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/31/2007
        A:  I understand, and I can't shut this auction down anyway, see the updated description. 01/31/2007
    Q:  Hello,I have a 3" Nickel Python identical to your's including the red ramp front sight,it has a manual dated Dec.1981 Serial K74***.I bought it from Gun List magazine about 15 years ago.I was wandering what kind of cost to get authentication from Colt.Thanks,Daryl 02/01/2007
        A:  $75.00 for the letter plus $100.00 if you want the info over the phone, well worth it in my case. 02/02/2007
    Q:  Well I guess this is just about the most talked about Colt on the internet. I have been following all the questions and am glad that you proved the gun to letter. I would just like to know what "Tulsa A Concerned Colt Historian " has to say now. He should step forward and apologize. Lets see what kind of a collector he really is. Remember when collecting Colts "Never Say Never". Regards, Cam. "thecoltguy" 02/03/2007
        A:  Amen to that, and all the others that said it was a fake. 02/03/2007
    Q:  Cam is right, the Latins in Imperial Rome about 2500 years ago said: "Never say never". This is applying not only for Colt collectors. Now it is about 15 hours to the end of this REAL BIDDING WAR! Let's see who will be the WINNER!!! Nick 02/03/2007
        A:  Well said, sir. 02/04/2007