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Excellent23$70.25 9h 57m
Excellent25$95.00 9h 58m
Fine17$46.00 9h 59m
Factory New61$435.00 10h 3m
Good31$220.00 10h 5m
Factory New25$280.00 10h 7m
Factory New25$230.00 10h 9m
Factory New47$436.00 10h 22m
Factory New5$244.55 11h 45m
Factory New63$355.01 14h 44m
Factory New35$304.00 14h 56m
Good43$62.00 19h 49m
Good85$131.00 19h 49m
Very Good69$126.00 19h 49m
Good85$165.08 19h 49m
Good51$81.00 19h 49m
Fair11$6.01 19h 49m
Fine107$452.00 19h 49m
Good73$142.00 19h 49m
Fair47$190.01 19h 49m
Very Good69$206.69 19h 49m
Very Good37$164.03 19h 49m
Fair35$194.83 19h 49m
Good43$85.25 19h 49m
Fine29$225.00 19h 49m
Very Good25$100.00 19h 49m
Fine31$136.00 19h 49m
Very Good19$230.06 19h 49m
Fair19$86.32 19h 49m
Very Good53$167.01 19h 49m