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1d 6h
Good55$385.001d 15h 6m
Good17$305.001d 15h 12m
Fair35$855.001d 15h 21m
Fair25$470.001d 15h 30m
Good31$155.001d 15h 40m
Very Good17$230.001d 15h 46m
Very Good23$210.002d 13h 17m
Good15$135.012d 13h 46m
Good13$235.003d 9h 25m
Very Good25$227.363d 9h 31m
Good15$150.003d 9h 35m
Very Good23$145.003d 9h 39m
Good19$110.003d 12h 13m
Good11$121.893d 12h 28m
Very Good23$204.694d 8h 32m
Fair9$123.894d 8h 45m
Good19$193.884d 8h 59m
Good19$110.004d 9h 16m
Very Good27$190.004d 9h 26m
Good19$106.554d 9h 32m
Good17$144.004d 9h 36m
Very Good41$316.994d 9h 50m
Very Good21$211.225d 7h 47m
Poor3$5.015d 7h 51m
Fair21$104.995d 8h 46m
Excellent35$226.005d 15h 59m
Very Good17$95.005d 16h 20m
Excellent$675.006d 15h 9m
Excellent$495.006d 21h 8m