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Fine41$1315.00 5h 49m
Excellent51$686.00 5h 49m
Excellent91$1855.00 5h 49m
Excellent81$1966.00 5h 50m
Fine27$405.00 5h 52m
Excellent39$1761.00 5h 54m
Excellent93$680.00 5h 54m
Fine29$911.00 5h 54m
Excellent75$2058.53 5h 56m
Excellent31$340.00 5h 58m
Excellent53$620.00 5h 59m
Excellent23$1706.00 5h 59m
Excellent29$290.00 5h 59m
Excellent71$751.05 5h 59m
Fine91$1505.00 6h
Excellent63$621.00 6h 2m
Fine101$6220.00 6h 4m
Excellent51$415.00 6h 4m
Fine65$755.00 6h 6m
Fine49$435.00 6h 8m
Excellent25$305.29 6h 9m
Excellent13$506.00 6h 9m
Excellent43$400.00 6h 10m
Excellent33$981.09 6h 14m
Excellent15$332.25 6h 16m
Excellent47$606.00 6h 20m
Excellent59$935.00 6h 34m
43$700.00 6h 49m
49$1685.00 6h 49m
45$475.00 6h 49m