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385$402.00 23h 4m
93$390.001d 22h 49m
Excellent61$3755.004d 21h 50m
Excellent43$1685.004d 21h 52m
Fine59$645.024d 21h 54m
Excellent51$1215.004d 21h 56m
Very Good31$871.004d 21h 58m
Fine77$725.004d 22h
Excellent37$605.004d 22h 2m
Fine23$140.004d 22h 4m
Good29$974.004d 22h 6m
Excellent63$555.004d 22h 8m
Excellent15$830.004d 22h 10m
Fine21$810.004d 22h 12m
Excellent49$755.004d 22h 14m
Excellent27$1005.004d 22h 16m
Excellent45$382.004d 22h 18m
Excellent63$530.004d 22h 20m
Fine59$685.004d 22h 22m
Very Good29$650.004d 22h 24m
Fine25$615.004d 22h 26m
Excellent21$510.004d 22h 28m
Excellent85$1504.904d 22h 30m
Factory New19$520.004d 22h 32m
Excellent15$486.994d 22h 34m
Excellent41$435.004d 22h 36m
Excellent11$671.664d 22h 38m
Fine17$529.004d 22h 40m
Excellent23$590.004d 22h 49m
71$705.004d 22h 49m