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71$160.001d 11h 49m
39$575.892d 5h 49m
Fine31$2100.002d 10h 50m
Very Good37$1005.002d 10h 52m
Excellent29$526.002d 10h 54m
Fine35$755.002d 10h 56m
Very Good45$682.002d 10h 58m
Very Good17$325.002d 11h
Fine27$805.502d 11h 2m
Excellent147$9005.002d 11h 4m
Fine63$680.002d 11h 6m
31$300.002d 11h 8m
Excellent77$960.512d 11h 10m
Very Good53$1016.002d 11h 14m
Very Good75$623.002d 11h 16m
Very Good69$1016.002d 11h 20m
Fine55$620.012d 11h 22m
Very Good63$1016.002d 11h 32m
Fine21$893.002d 11h 34m
Excellent35$461.002d 11h 36m
2d 11h 44m
21$135.002d 11h 49m
25$911.002d 11h 49m
31$556.002d 11h 49m
Excellent23$477.002d 11h 49m
51$636.002d 11h 49m
69$480.562d 11h 49m
9$55.002d 11h 49m
53$267.002d 11h 49m
Excellent23$1120.002d 11h 49m