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Excellent19$215.001d 10h 21m
Fine25$311.002d 12h 33m
Excellent23$197.502d 13h 11m
Excellent21$332.772d 14h 49m
Very Good7$67.503d 14h 49m
Excellent23$217.003d 14h 49m
Excellent15$231.003d 14h 49m
Excellent7$143.003d 14h 49m
Excellent19$333.004d 14h 49m
Factory New$1200.005d 6h 26m
Excellent17$209.695d 14h 49m
Excellent21$277.635d 14h 49m
Fine19$189.006d 14h 49m
Good$400.00 7h 25m
Good$199.95 8h 14m
Good1$75.00 10h 6m
Factory New$400.00 13h 15m
Factory New$575.00 13h 16m
Excellent$400.00 13h 16m
Factory New$300.00 13h 16m
Factory New$300.00 13h 16m
Factory New$1150.00 13h 16m
Factory New$325.00 18h 52m
Excellent$90.00 18h 52m
Fine$165.001d 7h 53m
Good$165.001d 9h 32m
Good$165.001d 9h 32m
Fine$165.001d 9h 38m
Fair$1250.001d 10h 16m
Excellent$900.001d 10h 22m