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Very Good5$90.00 12h 49m
Excellent35$855.00 13h 47m
Very Good23$121.001d 13h 38m
Fine$500.002d 11h 2m
Fine$150.002d 14h 5m
Good$995.002d 15h 30m
Very Good27$258.463d 8h 49m
Fine29$212.324d 8h 4m
Excellent5$125.004d 10h 51m
Excellent3$504.004d 13h 18m
Very Good1$549.004d 14h 18m
Excellent1$349.005d 15h 9m
Excellent15$164.005d 15h 27m
Fine3$45.005d 15h 49m
Good7$67.005d 15h 49m
Very Good19$331.696d 15h 49m
Excellent13$119.006d 15h 49m
Very Good17$115.697d 15h 49m
Excellent1$49.008d 8h 49m
Good$500.00 10h 5m
$549.991d 11h 44m
Excellent$439.991d 13h 45m
Very Good1$399.992d 11h 31m
Good$450.003d 11h 49m
Good$400.004d 8h 24m
Good$199.954d 9h 14m
Fair$300.004d 9h 48m
Good$499.994d 11h 15m
Fair$1250.005d 11h 15m
Good$264.005d 11h 45m