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Fine8$250.00 10h 43m
Fine11$2100.00 10h 44m
Excellent11$1105.00 11h 12m
Excellent19$416.00 14h 22m
Factory New$950.00 17h 2m
1$495.00 17h 32m
Factory New33$2901.001d 17h 49m
Fine117$502.501d 17h 51m
Fine35$92.501d 17h 52m
Fair17$226.001d 17h 52m
Good25$140.001d 17h 52m
Fair25$458.001d 17h 52m
Fair37$606.001d 17h 53m
Fine29$140.001d 17h 53m
Excellent21$176.991d 17h 53m
Excellent27$135.001d 17h 53m
Fine91$1681.871d 17h 53m
Poor59$441.251d 17h 53m
Good57$375.651d 17h 53m
Good33$201.991d 17h 53m
Very Good19$165.001d 17h 53m
Fair15$61.001d 17h 53m
Poor11$25.011d 17h 53m
Good49$710.011d 17h 53m
Fine21$160.001d 17h 54m
Fine15$194.891d 17h 54m
Very Good33$165.001d 17h 54m
Fine47$423.001d 17h 54m
Fine39$332.501d 17h 54m
Good29$205.001d 17h 54m