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Kimber was founded with the singular purpose of building fine sporting firearms. Rimfire rifles led the way, followed by centerfire rifles, and finally pistols. From the top down, Kimber is made up of dedicated shooters and hunters who insist that their guns be the best. The USA Shooting Team, LAPD? SWAT, United States Marines, and shooters across America have chosen Kimber firearms for sporting, defense, and more.

Factory New$844.00
3d 17h 11m
Factory New$339.00
3d 17h 12m
Excellent27$867.005d 18h 28m
Factory New$785.00
12h 30m
Factory New$1644.99
14h 3m
$999.00 15h 37m
Factory New$1495.00 16h 42m
Factory New$1795.00
1d 6h 16m
Factory New$694.99
1d 6h 21m
Factory New$845.99
1d 7h 56m
Excellent3$300.001d 10h 24m
Factory New$1029.99
1d 10h 51m
Factory New$1359.99
1d 10h 55m
Factory New$694.99
1d 11h 24m
Factory New$1099.001d 11h 39m
Factory New$799.991d 11h 42m
Factory New$925.00
1d 14h 2m
Factory New$1119.99
1d 14h 43m
1d 15h 33m
Factory New$1139.99
1d 15h 57m
Factory New$1289.99
1d 16h 3m
Factory New$1179.99
1d 16h 7m
Factory New$1169.99
1d 16h 36m
Factory New$1289.99
1d 17h 5m
Factory New$579.001d 18h 13m
Factory New$164.95
1d 22h 6m
Factory New$1599.992d 7h 15m
Factory New$1189.99
2d 7h 15m
Factory New$949.992d 7h 22m
Factory New$1409.99
2d 7h 40m