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Find Colt revolvers and pistols for sale at, one of the web's largest and oldest guns auction websites. Colt's Manufacturing Company was founded in 1855 by Samuel Colt, and is most known for the Colt Walker, the Single Action Army or Peacemaker, the Colt Python, and John Browning's Colt M1911 - a semi-automatic pistol in .45ACP which was the mainstay sidearm of the US military until it was officially replaced by the Beretta M9 in 1990. Colt firearms have a tremendous reputation for utility and quality, and are widely collected throughout the world. You can find thousands of Colts available for sale by the best sellers at

Very Good6$220.00
9h 25m
Very Good$425.00 9h 29m
Excellent21$995.00 16h
Fine41$350.00 17h 29m
37$295.00 17h 30m
Very Good49$860.00 17h 31m
Very Good41$655.01 17h 31m
Fair19$706.00 17h 31m
Good51$717.00 17h 31m
Fine37$281.00 17h 31m
Poor51$965.00 17h 33m
Good29$826.09 17h 33m
Fine47$295.00 17h 34m
Fine41$305.00 17h 34m
Fine511$5510.00 17h 34m
Very Good43$280.00 17h 35m
Fine43$425.00 17h 35m
Good31$357.52 17h 35m
Excellent41$705.00 17h 35m
Fine107$2202.00 17h 36m
Excellent39$1415.00 17h 36m
Excellent77$1900.00 17h 36m
Fine85$762.77 17h 36m
Fine53$515.00 17h 37m
Fine49$415.10 17h 38m
Excellent71$610.00 17h 38m
Excellent25$705.00 17h 38m
Excellent57$1237.22 17h 38m
45$476.00 19h 27m
Factory New$949.00
19h 29m