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Very Good33$304.113d 5h 29m
Fine23$338.803d 5h 29m
Fine13$51.004d 5h 29m
Excellent55$401.004d 5h 29m
Fine31$351.005d 5h 29m
Fine11$277.556d 5h 29m
Very Good27$232.116d 5h 29m
Fine55$190.006d 5h 29m
Fine31$336.006d 5h 29m
Fine17$67.006d 5h 29m
Very Good43$242.676d 5h 29m
Excellent87$224.007d 5h 29m
Very Good119$678.1110d 5h 29m
Fine3$66.0110d 5h 29m
Very Good1$0.0110d 5h 29m
Fine29$201.0010d 5h 29m
Excellent113$227.0010d 5h 29m
Good13$231.0010d 5h 29m
Fine27$252.0010d 5h 29m
Fine13$322.0111d 5h 29m
Fine11$176.6911d 5h 29m
Very Good11$79.0011d 5h 29m
Very Good3$56.0011d 5h 29m
Very Good5$2.0111d 5h 29m
Fine7$202.0011d 5h 29m
Very Good49$212.1111d 5h 29m
Fine9$134.6911d 5h 29m
Fine1$0.0111d 5h 29m
Very Good109$210.2512d 5h 29m
16h 52m