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John Browning, founder of Browning, started making firearms in the late 1800s. His designs revolutionized all manner of firearms, shotguns, rifles handguns and machine guns. The company now runs as a subsidiary of FN and still makes quality rifles, shotguns, and handguns, and all manner of outdoor equipment.

19h 29m
27$689.001d 18h 29m
Excellent1$649.001d 18h 44m
1$7.772d 9h 25m
1$7.772d 9h 25m
Factory New$1085.00
2d 16h 50m
Excellent97$3741.262d 17h 30m
Fine29$2105.002d 17h 36m
Excellent67$725.002d 17h 38m
Good81$670.002d 17h 42m
Fine29$418.332d 17h 47m
Fine67$867.002d 17h 55m
Excellent6$300.003d 3h 21m
Factory New3$400.003d 7h 43m
Factory New$1349.00
3d 9h 3m
Very Good$699.00
3d 18h 10m
Fair35$186.694d 19h 29m
Fine43$625.014d 19h 29m
Fine11$402.004d 19h 29m
Good85$676.004d 19h 29m
Good5$90.694d 19h 29m
Factory New$0.01
5d 15h 15m
Good51$82.009d 18h 29m
Excellent7$258.6910d 19h 29m
Excellent21$358.6910d 19h 29m
Excellent17$501.0011d 19h 29m
Excellent1$0.0111d 19h 29m
4h 41m
6h 50m
6h 59m