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Thread Admin: Hagrid (77-0-0) (Last 10 Posts) Posted: 05/04/2013 at 11:55:15
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Thread Title: "38-55 ammo & brass"

I have one blue and yellow box of Peters Rustless 38-55 Winchesters with 255 gr bullet. The box is in very good condition. There are 16 unfired rounds and four fired.I have a very good box of Kleanbore 38-55 Winchester once fired brass. The box itself is very good and there are 20 brass in it but 17 say RP and three say Rem UMC. Lastly I have a full box of Union Metallic Cartridge Co.,Central-fire cartridges 32 S&W. It appears to be a full box and the ammo and box are in very good condition. I plan to list them for a penny. The question is should I list them as ammo shooting or collecting??   Trap

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Buyer: Hanover George(121-0-1) Post#1 - Posted: 05/05/2013 at 05:40:39
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Unless the ammo is pristine in an excellent box it is shooting. partial boxes will rarely be collectable

Seller: Petesguns(1608-1-4) Post#2 - Posted: 05/05/2013 at 07:09:40

Trap, here on GA you can list them under TWO categories, unlike on the "other" site, where you can only use one category. Do it in both!

Thread Admin: Hagrid(77-0-0) Post#3 - Posted: 05/05/2013 at 12:09:55

Thanks Tom, good idea.

Thread Admin: Hagrid(77-0-0) Post#4 - Posted: 05/06/2013 at 17:35:18

#12042111&12042072  I did as you suggested Petesguns.  Thanks   Hagrid

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